11 Ways to Improve Family Ministry

11 Simple ways to increase, encourage and maintain family ministry in your church.

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6 Ways to be the Best Children's Pastor

You've got a HUGE responsibility! And one of the greatest jobs ever! Here are six simple things to keep in mind as you become the greatest children's/family pastor—ever!

Quick Children's Ministry

Safety Audit

Here are 18 VITAL questions to review about the child safety procedures in your church. You can complete this in just a few minutes...and it may reveal important missing pieces in your plan.
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Big Prayers Journal

There's so much ugly stuff surrounding these precious hearts each week. I'm afraid I don't pray enough for them. How about you? Get one of these little journals, and on each page (60 total pages) specific prayers for each of the children you minister to each week. If you have a LOT of kids, get a couple. If you have a WHOLE LOT of kids in your church, then began by using this for the ones that God lays on your heart, daily.
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Top 16 Leadership Podcasts Available Today

Discover the transformative benefits of leadership podcasts for church leaders. Stay ahead of the curve and learn from top experts in the field, gaining fresh insights and inspiration to help you navigate the challenges of leading a congregation. With engaging content available at your fingertips, it's never been easier to deepen your knowledge and build the skills necessary for effective leadership. Start listening today and see the positive impact it can have on your ministry.

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KidMin Hacks

KidMin Hacks provides free weekly resources to support your children's ministry and enhance your leadership skills, completely free of charge. These resources are designed to help you share Jesus with children more effectively and grow in your faith. Join us today and take advantage of these valuable resources!


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